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The Creative Founder I am Vanessa Sashanne and I am on a journey. We all are! Understanding that God designed us for community I am becoming comfortable with sharing my journey with others, with you. I am a proud Christian (Catholic), Haitian-American entrepreneur excited about impacting lives, especially black women, through various products and experiences. I have taken my love for journaling, my talents in graphic design, and my passion for creating extraordinary memories to start sash•anne designs, a stationery experience company.

The business I want Black women to thrive and I believe writing down our plans, goals, visions, feelings, etc., is a starting point to achieve this. I want US to enjoy life whatever that looks like. I want women to try new things, break societal norms, and thrive in traditions that we believe in. I want us to find joy in every moment. To be present. To be authentic. To do life. To do life on paper. I know there is beauty and power when writing things down whether praying, manifesting, planning, reminiscing, or reflecting. Seeing your thoughts on paper is your initial step towards living a life of freedom and vulnerability. It is your self-reflection...your mirror in your own words. sash•anne designs was created to help women create a life well lived!

The name sash•anne: the gift of life. My middle name is a gift. My mom’s friend Anne gifted my mom the name Sashanne while pregnant with me after they were unable to conceive. Sashanne is a combination of her and her husband’s name {Sasha}. But the wayyy my mom’s faith is set up…she knew God had the final say and she told Anne it will happen. Believing this she made Sashanne my middle name instead of my first. A couple of years later, a miracle happened and my mom’s friend gave birth to her daughter…Sashanne.

This life is a gift and there is something special in each new day. Don't let it pass you by! sash•anne designs won't let you. Together we can create meaningful lives on purpose. Do life. Do life on paper.


(L to R) Sashanne #2 + Sashanne #1

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