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Vanessa Sashanne I don’t remember when exactly it happened, but one day I realized I really love paper.  I grew up on passing notes, writing down homework assignments in agenda books, and journaling. Oh journaling, this is where I fell in love with paper. It has always been the place where I can remove all the masks and be my authentic self on paper. I knew it had to be a part of my business, but my journey didn't start there.


In 2008, I graduated from La Salle University with a B.S. in Business Administration (Marketing + Organizational Management) and a minor in Digital Art and Multimedia Design. Little did I know how that minor would have a big impact on my future. Fast forward to 2016, after spending 8 years as a dance studio manager I began working on a dance admin planner, but then turned my focus to invitation designs in 2017. After taking a pause in 2019 to plan my own wedding (yes, I designed my own wedding stationery), I realized I didn't want to solely focus on invitations. I circled back to my first love, journaling, and the more I thought about it I realized that journals, planners, and invitations had 2 things in common: paper and life. The idea of bringing these things together led to the beginning of sash•anne designs. 

The name sash•anne: the gift of life. My middle name is a gift. My mom’s friend Anne gifted my mom the name Sashanne while pregnant with me after they were unable to conceive. Sashanne is a combination of her and her husband’s name {Sasha}. But the wayyy my mom’s faith is set up…she knew God had the final say and she told Anne it will happen. Believing this she made Sashanne my middle name instead of my first. A couple of years later, a miracle happened and my mom’s friend gave birth to her daughter…Sashanne.

Whether coming together with God, family, friends, or even complete strangers, this life is a gift. Every day is truly something special! So whether you like to journal your life’s thoughts and memories, to plan your life out on paper, or invite others to celebrate your life, sash•anne is your gift of life on paper. 


(L to R) Sashanne #2 + Sashanne #1